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A project in cooperation with the Villa Decius in Krakow (2014)

Start of the Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) in Krakow

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) is starting on September 1 in Villa Decius. The Academy constitutes training sessions for young cultural managers from 10 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary. Persons working for public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations in the Visegrad Group countries and Eastern Partnership countries were invited for cooperation. In the group of specialists on culture management, they will keep developing their international cultural projects.

Each day, classes are conducted by outstanding experts, including: Jean Pierre Deru – Director of Association Marcel Hicter from Belgium, Danuta Glondys – Director of Villa Decius Association, Diane Dodd – Director of International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism from Spain, Corina Suteu – Director of FimETC Festival in Romania and Making Waves Festival in New York. Young managers will also take part in meetings with Karla Wursterova – Director of International Visegrad Fun, Magdalena Sroka, Deputy President of Kraków for Culture and Promotion of the City, Robert Piaskowski, Deputy Director for Programme Planning from the Kraków Festival Office, Taras Voznyak – Ukrainian culture expert, political scientist, editor of independent cultural quarterly magazine “Ji.” The training will last until September 10.

Another session which is a part of the Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management will take place in Prague in March 2015. The project will end a 3-day Diploma Seminar in Tbilisi in September 2015. The organizer of the project is the Villa Decius Association, whereas the strategic founder of the event is the International Visegrad Fund.

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Managementl is a part of the Platform for Advanced Studies – a project co-financed by the Narodowy Bank Polski. The main objective of the project is to develop a platform for advanced studies, which is alternative to regulation studies and is aimed at acquiring advanced knowledge in the area of culture and economics, including the role and mission of the Narodowy Bank Polski, national and European financial policy and shaping of attitudes favourable to international cooperation and the development of entrepreneurship.



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